Direct Vacuums’ Guide to Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaners

best vacuum cleaners

Just moved house, your old vacuum broke or maybe you’re a student looking for a sensibly-priced vacuum cleaner? We’ve got you covered! At Direct Vacuums, we have a huge selection of the best vacuum cleaners from world-leading brands, including Vax, Hoover, Zanussi, Dirt Devil, AEG, Electrolux and more. You can choose between good value refurbished vacuum cleaners or brand new ones, all of them available at a fraction off the prices you’ll find in high street shops. And that’s not all! All our products come with a 1 year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

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But with so many different models to choose from, how do you know which one is the best vacuum cleaner for you? Read on to find out which type of vacuum cleaner might suit you best.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, or you live with one, then make sure your vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter, to help you get rid of all the dust and nasty allergens when you’re vacuuming.

If you have at least one pet, then a vacuum cleaner with a dedicated pet brush (or TurboTool) is a must-have! These handy tools will help you pick up even the most stubborn of pet hairs in no time.

If movement freedom is crucial for you, then you need to go cordless. These practical vacuum cleaners are great for ‘grab and go’ cleaning sessions and allow you reach everywhere, without having to struggle with a cord. An excellent choice for a busy lifestyle.

If you have mostly hard floors, then you need a vacuum cleaner that won’t damage the floor surface. We’ve got an entire selection of refurbished vacuum cleaners designed specifically for hard floors. Check out the range here.

If you have limited storage space, then one of these cylinder vacuum cleaners with their compact design and lightweight construction might just be the thing you need.

If you prefer a higher dust capacity, then we recommend going with an upright vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaners are also great for vacuuming carpets, as most of them come with powerful brushes.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow down your choices for the best vacuum cleaners, but if you need any more information, you can learn more about the individual features of the vacuum cleaners on the product pages from our website, or by contacting our helpful team who are more than happy to assist you! Contact us on 01582 66 46 00 or email [email protected]