When it comes to sourcing and purchasing refurbished vacuums and other household appliances online, think of Direct Vacuums as your friendly and fully stocked ‘one-stop shop’. What’s more, you can buy all the accessories need here, without the hassle of surfing the Internet or traipsing to ‘bricks and mortar’ stores to find the spares you require – effective extras such as hard floor and window cleaning solutions.


Exceptional hard floor cleaning, at a reduced price

Thankfully, the days of rolling up your sleeves, getting down on your hands and knees, and scrubbing a hard floor for hours on end (feeling like you’re getting nowhere) are long gone. The arrival of VAX FLOOR2FLOOR HARD FLOOR CLEANER (1.42L / 1420ML) has seen to that.

Perfect for use with all VAX hard floor cleaning appliances, VAX FLOOR2FLOOR CLEANER is powerful enough to get out even the most stubborn marks, while still being gentle enough to leave your floor undamaged.


Your floors will look and smell great

When it comes to floor cleaning, it’s not ‘just’ about getting rid of those spots and stains, is it? Eradicating unpleasant odours is also a must. The good news is that VAX FLOOR2FLOOR HARD FLOOR CLEANER will tick both boxes, leaving your floors looking and smelling fabulous. Oh, and there’s no irritating and inconvenient stickiness to contend with afterwards either.

VAX FLOOR2FLOOR is currently available from us for £10 LESS than the recommended retail price of £29.99

Clean up!


Window Cleaners - for a streak-free shine

The development of window vacuums and window vac detergents has transformed the way people everywhere clean their windows, inside and out. Thanks to companies such as VAX, gone are the days of having to clean windows (and tiles) with a bucket of soapy water and a hand-held squeegee, or even a rag. VAX Vacuums and the development of an eclectic range of spares has changed all that, taking most of the work out of cleaning windows (as well as glass doors, glass displays, tiles…).

One modern-day window cleaning must-have is a concentrated formula called VAX WINDOW CLEANER (currently available to buy from us for less than the recommended retail price, and as single bottles or in packs of 2 or 3), which is used in conjunction with a VAX Window Vac. Combining these two will leave your windows and other glass surfaces totally dirt and grease free every time, producing a wonderfully clear result and a steak-free shine.

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