Our Grades Explained

Direct Vacuums Product Grades



 All products in this section are Manufacturer refurbished products - A Manufacturer refurbished product offers massive savings to normal retail prices while the performance of the product is the same as if it were brand new. Items may have small cosmetic marks and/or small signs of previous use, meaning you save £££’s off the RRP.



 All products in this section are new, never used items that may have suffered from slight packaging damage. - If the box is too damaged we replace the box with a brand new brown box. The item itself is brand new, it may have a very slight cosmetic mark where it has been repacked or returned purely for cosmetic reasons but with no use. However most are simply brand new meaning you save £££’s off the RRP.



Brand new, original box, straight off the shelf! For a full description please visit “our grades explained” at the bottom of this page or see our full terms and conditions.



 All products in this section are brand new never used, they come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that starts the day you purchase the item same as when purchased from any shop. These items may have minor cosmetic marks such as a small scratch or small dent on either the left, right or front panel. With the built in appliances once installed it is not visible. Any marks make no difference to the workings of the machine meaning you get a true bargain