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White goods play an important role in the function of the modern kitchen. They are easy to overlook and forget about, but you quickly remember their value and importance when they go on the blink!

If you are looking for an upgrade on any of your white good products or something new for your kitchen or home, the Direct Vacuums range is well worth a look.

As part of our wider collection of kitchen appliances, we have an excellent array of cheap white goods that are sure to make a positive difference to your day to day.

Whether looking for new white goods or happy for second hand white goods that have been refurbished to the highest standards, Direct Vacuums can help.

Our range covers a wide choice of white good options, from fridges and fridge freezers to washing machines and more.

So if you are looking for white goods online, look no further than the Direct Vacuums website. You can also pick up other handy items for the kitchen and home on our site, including microwaves, kettles and toasters.