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Purchase a Wine Cooler Today at Direct Vacuums

Discover our amazing collection of high-quality and aesthetically pleasing wine coolers where the art of wine storage meets cutting-edge technology

Often, keeping our much-loved bottles of wine in the fridge just won’t cut it! Our overcrowded fridges don’t have the capability of showcasing our wine bottles the way they deserve! Incredible vintage and fine wines require a dedicated space where they can be admired. 

Our wine coolers are manufactured by the Danish brand Cavecool which produces some of the world’s best wine coolers in its class. The wine coolers are designed and developed in Denmark and are packed with clever technology and features usually only found with much more expensive brands.

Our collection of free-standing wine coolers comes in a variety of shapes and sizes! We provide wine coolers that can hold up to 171 bottles! Why not get in touch with us today so we can help you choose the perfect wine cooler for your specific requirements?