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Reconditioned coffee makers at refreshingly reduced prices!

Have you heard the news? Instant coffee is SO last year! These days, coffee makers for the home are what people everywhere are buying. But, alas, far too many consumers (and business owners, in fact) are shelling out a fortune for a brand new coffee maker to use at home or at their workplace, when they could have simply bought a refurbished one from us at Direct Vacuums (and Household Appliances) instead, and saved themselves an absolute fortune.

Don’t make that mistake.

Top brands available TODAY

All reconditioned coffee makers available to buy from us right now through our website are guaranteed for a whole year, to give you peace of mind. We also offer next day delivery, so you won’t have to wait too long to get started on making that perfect Cappuccino, Espresso or Americano that you have only been able to enjoy at your favourite café or restaurant, until now.

We also have a huge range of De'Longhi coffee makers, with all the latest technology at excellent low prices and top quality refurbishment jobs.

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, a refurbished De'Longhi coffee machine is sure to go down a treat with your family or your staff. Treat them to delicious flavours and drinks and earn some brownie points thanks to a coffee maker from Direct Vacuums.

An exciting new addition to your kitchen

Our refurbishing team are so good, the coffee maker you purchase from us will not only be a snip, but also have that ‘straight out of the box’ look and feel that always adds to the excitement of getting a new addition for the kitchen, doesn’t it? In fact, often the small and large refurbished appliances we have for sale at Direct Vacuums are 100 per cent brand new, and it is only the packaging that has been slightly damaged.

So, why pay more?

Fully automatic coffee making. Imagine that.

Refurbished coffee makers from us:

Come in a variety of colours

- Are fully automatic (enjoy the ease of programmable coffee making)

- Are simple and comfortable to use

- Are safe to operate (with automatic shut-off functions being built in)

- Create an authentic taste

- Offer warm or cold drink-making options

- Allow you to make your preferred coffee quantities

- Are a dream to clean and quickly reassemble, when necessary

- Are dishwasher proof

Our new and refurbished coffee machines also come with thermoblock technology, which ensures the water is always at the optimum temperature. That means no frustration, no waiting around, no: “Oh, why don’t we just put the old kettle on and reach for the instant coffee jar instead” going on! Just quickly-made, refreshing and reviving coffee that tastes just as good as you’d be served when out and about, but without a bill to pay and no service charge!

SAVE £££, without compromising on coffee quality

It’s true. Thanks to Direct Vacuums, now coffee lovers everywhere can get all the functionality and quality results expected from a coffee maker that is as stylish to look at as it’s simple to use, at a fraction of the price of a newly bought model.