At Direct Vacuums, we are proud of the collection of home appliances we are able to offer today and are confident in our ability to meet all the requirements our customers have. 

An important part of our offering is our vacuums and floor care range. The floors of our homes are the base on which we live our domestic lives and they need to be protected & cared for. 

Our vacuums and floor care range is split into various categories that will help you pin down and decide on what items best meet your needs. You can choose from our vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, cordless appliances and commercial appliances

However, this page is where you can find items that do not quite fall into any of the above categories. This is our ‘other’ page, where we stock items that are a little bit unique and different to others in our collection such as our anti-bac multi-function spray mop.

The products in this collection are still of the highest quality, and if you have looked everywhere on our site for something floorcare related but haven’t been able to find it, this page could be your saviour. 

Be sure to take a look through the full assortment of Direct Vacuums products and find that perfect buy today.