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Pressure Washers

Besides supplying refurbished vacuum cleaners and other house appliances, Direct Vacuums also offer an extensive range of high quality refurbished pressure washers and accessory kits, sourced only from trusted brands such as Vax.


Clean your garden in no time with these powerful pressure washers

Keeping your garden tidy and getting rid of all the dirt and stubborn weeds that appear all the time can be seen as quite a chore. However, investing in an efficient pressure washer designed specifically for heavy duty operations like this one can save you a lot of time and energy, whilst helping you get rid of all the dirt and grime.

Choosing a refurbished pressure washer also means saving up to 75% on RRP, whilst enjoying the same high quality of a brand new product and we also offer packs that combine pressure washers with handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaners, for a complete cleaning experience.

Check out this powerful Vax VPW4 Pressure Washer 2500W with an extra long hose!

To increase your efficiency even more, have a look at this Vax Pressure Washer Patio Cleaning Kit that contains all the right accessories that can help you clean a wide variety of outdoor surfaces including walls and fences.


Keep your car squeaky clean with a car cleaning kit

Pressure washers are not only great for cleaning outdoor spaces, but also make for excellent tools that can help you keep your car tidy inside and out. If you want to make sure you can reach and clean every single nook and cranny of your car, it’s wise to also purchase a car cleaning kit that is a great accessory for any pressure washer. This Vax Pressure Washer Car Cleaning Kit has a rotary brush, a car brush and an extension tube.

Save £55 on this amazing Vax Pack VPW1 & Car Cleaning Pressure Washer Kit!

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