Our Guarantee to you


All our products carry a 1 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Our products are carefully inspected prior to despatch to ensure customer satisfaction. We want you to enjoy your product for many years. To help ensure this, please make sure you regularly maintain your product (as described in your user manual). If you don't have a user manual, please visit the manufacturer's support website (Vax, Hoover, Electrolux etc) to download this for free.

If for some reason your product develops a problem, please refer to the user manual for guidance as well as visiting our trouble shooting pages before contacting us, as in 9 out of 10 cases this will normally rectify the problem.

If your problem still persists then please contact our friendly customer care team who have specialist knowledge in dealing with all types of enquiry. Our team will endeavour to resolve any queries you have in the shortest possible time.


Before you call, please have ready the following details:

  • Product model number and serial number (located on product's the data plate).
  • Internal QC identification number (this will be located beneath the container and resemble a price gun sticker)
  • User name/Order number and delivery post code

You can e-mail us providing the above details to:

[email protected]



What isn’t covered by the guarantee

  • Normal wear and tear, for example: belts, filters, brush bars, fuses etc.
  • Blockages - information on how to remove blockages is contained in the user manual and can be found within our trouble shooting pages. Advice is also available from our Customer Care Team.
  • Any faults caused by misuse, neglect, accidental damage and/or careless operation and handling of the machine which is not in accordance with the user manual appropriate to the product.
  • Incorrect installation.
  • Unauthorised Repairs or alterations.
  • Use of the machine for anything other than normal domestic household purposes.
  • The cost of returning the product to us after the first 30 days.


Guarantee Period

Your Guarantee is for 1 year from the date of purchase of your product. If we replace your product the remaining warranty will transfer to your replacement product.



If you have had your product for 30 days or less then please click here


If you have had your product for more then 30 days but inside the 1 year guarantee please click here