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Direct Vacuums Blog

  • Take a look at our Black Friday 2018 deals

    Every shopper looking for Black Friday deals is keen to save some pounds while getting hold of great items. At Direct Vacuums, we didn’t want to let all the fun be had by those in the technology industry. So we’ve decided to slash prices on a selection of our own products to bring extra value to our customers and allow them to celebrate Black Friday in style.
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  • PayPal Express Checkout and Credit now available

    At Direct Vacuums, we specialise in bringing you superb home appliances at prices you will love. Whether you’re looking for new or refurbished vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners or something else, you can find a host of great options via our online store.
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  • Choosing the Perfect Vacuum for Pets

    We love our pets. They bring us hours of fun and frolics. But they can also bring a lot of debris, dirt and difficulties when it comes to keeping a home clean and tidy.

    That’s why having a powerful, effective vacuum in your cleaning arsenal is so important. Being able to get into every nook and cranny and get rid of the hair and fur that can accumulate over time is key to maintaining a clean home.
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  • What type of Vacuum Cleaner is best for you?

    When buying a new product for your home or workplace, sometimes you know exactly what you want, and sometimes you can be spoilt for choice and find it difficult to select what it is you purchase.

    The range of vacuum cleaners we have available at Direct Vacuums is something we‘re very proud of and want to show off to our customers as often as possible.
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  • Why buy Cordless & Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

    When it comes to selecting your perfect vacuum cleaner, there are naturally a few things you want to tick off.
    You want a model that’s powerful enough to get the job done, while also being flexible and offering high manoeuvrability.

    Many new models and versions of vacuum cleaners have hit the market in the last few years with the aim of making the life of the user easier. That includes a combination of these aforementioned points.

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  • How does a Pressure Washer work?

    As a home appliance, pressure washers give an added level of power and flexibility when it comes to cleaning tasks.
    These products are the ideal partner when it comes to tackling build up of grime and dirt, with their powerful jets of water able to displace and remove even the most stubborn entities.
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  • Why Bagless Vacuums are the Environmental Choice

    One transition in society over the past few decades has been a greater understanding of what is damaging to the environment, and a greater concern around protecting our planet for future generations.

    Across a number of industries, steps are being taken to introduce greener practices and make more environmentally-friendly products and items the status quo.
    You might not think this is particularly relevant in the vacuum cleaner and home appliance space. But you’d be wrong.
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  • How James Dyson created a Legacy

    The name Dyson is today synonymous with sublime design and technological advancement in the field of industrial design and home cleaning.

    James Dyson is the man behind the Dyson legacy. A talented inventor and innovator, Dyson became frustrated with his household vacuum cleaner in the 1970s so set about creating that which would make his name famous.
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  • How to Keep Gentle Fabrics Clean in Your Home

    We appreciate that certain items in your home are more precious than others. Though you naturally want to keep everything looking neat and tidy, there can be some trepidation around cleaning the gentle fabrics that you have in your home.

    So when it comes to vacuuming a sofa, upholstered furniture, chairs, curtains or even expensive rugs and throws, there are a few things to bear in mind.
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  • Our Best 5 Vacuums for Powerful Cleaning

    Finding a vacuum cleaner that delivers the highest levels of effectiveness can help you keep your home or workplace spotless.

    We know that you want to get the cleaning done with minimal fuss, so having a powerful vacuum cleaner at your disposal can really help to make life easier. Also, the easier the task, the more likely you are to do it – meaning your rooms and living areas can be tidy all the time!
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