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Vax P86-P4-T Pressure Washer

Vax pressure washers are a quick and convenient way to achieve a high standard clean. You no longer have to use a sponge or brush to scrub stubborn stains from outdoor spaces and furniture. The power of Vax pressure washers blast away dirt and leave you with better results. They’re also very versatile and can be used on much more than just outdoor slabs and pavements. They can successfully clean cars, bikes, BBQ’s and garden furniture. During spring and summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors embracing the great weather and using a Vax pressure washer can make your outdoors sparkle and bring your garden back to life after cold winter months.


The Vax P86-P4-T is a heavy duty pressure washer that provides high power making it ideal for cleaning a range of outdoor areas, furniture and even cars. It takes the hassle out of car cleaning and leaves alloys and body work sparkling clean. The car cleaning kit means you can quickly and easily clean your car removing any grime effortlessly while the patio kit allows for a spotless patio area.


High pressured powerful water jets cut through built up embedded dirt, restoring out door areas while making your patio slabs and decking look as good as new. It features 2500 w of power and 160 max bar pressure that blasts away mud, dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces.


The 10 m hose and 5 m cord allows you to increase the distance of your clean. With these features you can now clean further and high higher so awkward areas can be tackled and cleaned with ease.



Why Pressure wash?


The Vax P86-P4-T pressure washer also comes equipped with a vast range of tools and accessories to enable you to complete various jobs with one machine. You can easily change from one tool to another at your own convenience, depending on what you’re cleaning. This will help you achieve a more concentrated and detailed clean tailored to your specific cleaning job.


The tools included are a lance that connects to the end of the trigger handle and allows the water to travel through with higher pressure and more power. The turbo nozzle has one small single hole that creates a high powered circular stream of water that’s very powerful. This is better for cleaning masonry, however you should avoid cleaning delicate or painted surfaces such as car exteriors with this tool.


There’s a jet nozzle that’s best suited for cleaning wooden surfaces such as decking and fencing, A solution application bottle and nozzle that mixes both water and solution for an overall better and tougher clean. A nozzle cleaning tool is provided for cleaning the small holes within your nozzles in case they get clogged. A car wash brush and shampoo that’s ideal for scrubbing your car wheels, grills, windows and body leaving it with a high shine.


The patio kit, along with the patio head, extension tube and extension handle is ideal for removing moss and grime from patios for the summer. The rotary brush is better for a concentrated clean on pavement slabs, patio, and decking area as it scrubs while washes for high impact and quick results.


This quick and easy pressure washer can dislodge years of moss and mould from brick, paving and wood in a few simple steps.

Additional Information
Cord Length5m
Hose Length10m