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Give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh and hygienic feel, in no time!

Steam cleaning is not just great for cleaning carpets and other types of floors – kitchen and bathroom surfaces can be steam cleaned too, with amazing results.

Direct Vacuums have in stock a wide selection of refurbished kitchen and bathroom steam cleaners (VAX and Hoover models), at prices far lower than those asked by High Street retailers. The appliance you buy from us will give you an effective cleaning performance time after time. What's more, it will come with a 1-year warranty, for your peace of mind.


Why purchasing a reconditioned cleaner is a 'no brainer'

Reconditioned kitchen and bathroom multi-function steam cleaners available to buy TODAY from Direct Vacuums:

Are easy and safe to use (you'll love the lightweight feel and compact look)

- Suffer no loss of power or cleaning capacity, through being refurbished models

- Are environmentally-friendly – steam cleaning is becoming increasingly recognised worldwide as being "the hygienic way to clean", as no detergent or other type of chemical-based cleaning solution in involved in the cleaning process at all

- Heat up in just a few minutes

- Can provide up to 30 minutes of cleaning time (sometimes more!), without you having to stop and refill

- Are ideal for homes with pets, creating a fresh and hygienic feel in every room


- Can be easily stored away (until it's time to get cleaning again!)

This VAX S5 KITCHEN & BATHROOM MASTER STEAM CLEANER comes with a range of handy accessories, and is available to buy from Direct Vacuums today with a £60 SAVING


A sparkling, streak-free shine, every time

If you are looking to break down grease and to eliminate allergens, dust mites and potentially harmful bacteria, steam cleaning your kitchen and bathroom surfaces is absolutely the way to go. Although the refurbished cleaning appliances we sell look compact and light, they are certainly not feeble.

When it comes to breaking down even the most stubborn grime and grease from tiles, glass or another type of surface in your kitchen, bathroom, shower cubicle or wet room, our reconditioned kitchen and bathroom steam cleaners can more than tackle the job, leaving your surfaces looking sparkling and (importantly) steak free.


Clean multiple surfaces, using just ONE appliance

How many times have you looked with dismay at a mirror, cooker hood, hob, the grouting around tiling, or even a grill, wishing you could get it looking brand spanking new again, but despairing of ever finding an effective enough way to achieve that without sweating buckets (and feeling like you're getting nowhere at all)?

Well, thanks to Direct Vacuums (and Household Appliances), those days are now well and truly gone. And it won't cost you a fortune to get the results you need in your home or at your business premises.

Choose from our varied Steam Cleaner range!