Bagless Cylinder Vacuums

Refurbished bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners from Direct Vacuums (Hoover, Zanussi, Electrolux, AEG) are literally flying off the shelves. And, no, it’s not because they are so incredibly lightweight! It’s due to  their burgeoning popularity among householders and owners of commercial premises across the UK – people who need to get their regular vacuuming done quickly and easily yet still thoroughly, but without the hassle and cost of replacing the bag every time it fills up with dust.

Talking of dust…

Ideal for allergy sufferers

Reconditioned bagless vacuums in state-of-the-art cylindrical styles from Direct Vacuums come as low, medium or high wattage appliances.

When it comes to vacuuming suction, there is no compromise in power simply because it's a cylinder bagless model.

Protecting allergy sufferers from problems caused by dust mites, pollen and other allergens is also something a bagless vacuum doesn’t compromise on: the in-built micro-fibre filtration system means that users can breathe easy. You’ll also find this feature particularly useful if you’ve got indoor pets.

What’s more, many of the refurbished cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners that we have available TODAY at knock-down prices come with a Pets Turbo Brush that - combined with the awesome suction power - will ensure even the most stubborn pet hairs can be lifted from carpets, rugs and mats.

Take a look at this Hard Floor Bagless Vacuum (with Pets Turbo Brush)

Large capacity bins

So, if there’s no bag, where does the sucked up dust and dirt collect? The answer is simple. Instead of having a removable and replaceable bag, bagless cylinder vacuums come with a large capacity bin. There’s a maximum indicator line on the side to help you, and even a one-touch empty function, which improves practically and makes emptying the bin a doddle.

Even better, all refurbished bagless cylinder vacuums from Direct Vacuums come with a 1 year guarantee, for your complete peace of mind.

Go bagless!