Tefal FV5675G0 NEW Steam Iron Ultimate Turbo Pro Anti-scale 2800w Black & White

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  • High-efficiency results: Tefal’s Turbo Boost steam propulsion technology drives a 220g/min steam boost deep into fabrics at high speed to remove even stubborn creases for a flawless finish, fast.

  • Durable power: The patented Scale Collector makes it a cinch to remove lime scale. Just pull out the collector and discard the scale to ensure long-lasting steam power and effortless crease removal.

  • Effortless ironing: The Durilium Air glide Auto clean soleplate brings Tefal’s best glide** with maximum steam distribution for efficiency. The Auto clean coating keeps it clean over time – no maintenance.

  • Convenient: 2800W means fast heat-up, with up to 50g/min output and automatic steam setting for efficiency. Plus, it’s anti-drip with a 350ml easy-fill tank, 2.5m cord and energy-saving Eco Mode****.

  • Added safety: Turbo Pro Anti-Scale FV5645 turns off automatically if left unattended for more than 8 minutes on its heel. If laid flat or on its side, it only takes 30 seconds before this steam iron turns off.




Product description





Enjoy fast and flawless ironing results every day with Turbo Pro Anti-Scale FV5675: Tefal’s visibly more powerful* steam iron. This high-efficiency steam iron is equipped with Tefal’s patented Turbo Boost. Using steam propulsion technology, this drives a high-speed 220g/min steam boost deep into fabrics, smoothing even stubborn creases in a flash.


The unique removable Scale Collector prevents blockages in the steam chamber, ensuring your iron’s long-lasting steam performance and easy crease removal, while making maintenance easy: just pull out the collector to discard the scale. This steam iron also has Tefal’s new Durilium Air glide Auto clean soleplate with 33% more glide*** for fast and effortless ironing. 100% active steam holes ensure maximum steam distribution for efficiency, while the Auto clean Palladium coating helps to keep it stain-free over time, no maintenance needed.


At 2800W it heats up quickly and delivers up to 50g/min continuous steam for fast crease removal. Automatic steam regulation means you won’t even waste time setting the iron. There’s also an anti-drip function to help prevent water droplet stains, a larger* 300ml tank so you can iron more and refill less, and a longer* 2.5m cord for maximum mobility.


Switch to Eco Mode and you can cut energy use by up to 20%****.


Plus, for safety, this iron turns off automatically. *Versus the Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-Scale FV5648 steam iron **External test on coatings ***+33% compared to previous Durilium generation – internal test ****-20% compared with energy use at maximum output level







Visibly More Powerful*, Durable and Glideable



Fast and Flawless





Ultimate Anti-Scale FV5675 is Tefal’s visibly more powerful* steam iron. Equipped with the patented Turbo Boost, removable Scale Collector and new Durilium Airglide soleplate, it delivers fast and flawless results, every day.




A Difference You Can See





Turbo Boost propels a high-speed 220g/min steam boost deep into fabrics to remove tough creases in a flash. The Scale Collector ensures lasting steam performance for easy crease removal. And the new soleplate delivers Tefal’s fastest and easiest glide**, so you can get your ironing done with less effort.




Speedier Sessions





A real time-saver, this 2800W steam iron heats up fast and regulates steam output automatically. It’s also anti-drip and has a larger* 300ml tank and longer* 2.5m cord for convenience. Turbocharge your ironing with Ultimate Anti-Scale FV5675.


*Versus the Tefal Turbo Pro Anti-Scale FV5648 steam iron.


**External test on coatings.






  • 220g/min Turbo Boost to blast away tough creases

  • Patented removable Scale Collector for lasting steam power and easy ironing

  • New Durilium Airglide soleplate – the fastest and easiest glide**, no maintenance needed

  • 2800W for fast heat-up

  • Up to 50g/min continuous steam for quick results

  • Automatic steam regulation

  • Anti-drip function to help prevent garment staining

  • 300ml tank for non-stop use and 2.5m cord for mobility





Efficient Ironing. Enduring Power. Effortless Glide.



Turbo Boost





Harnessing the power of steam propulsion, Tefal’s patented Turbo Boost drives a high-speed 220g/min steam boost deep into the heart of fabrics, tackling even the toughest of creases in no time.




Scale Collector





The patented removable Scale Collector prevents blockages in the steam chamber. Just pull out the collector to remove all the limescale and rinse it under the tap. That’s all it takes to maintain your iron’s exceptional steam power for easy crease removal, every day




Durilium Airglide





The new Durilium Airglide soleplate brings 33% more glide* for fast and effortless ironing, and maximum steam distribution for high-efficiency results. Plus, this soleplate is resistant to scratches, so you know it will stay ultra-glideable.






*+33% compared to previous Durilium generation – internal test. More Power for Faster Ironing



The higher the wattage, the faster your steam iron will heat up and the better its performance will be. So, Tefal has ramped things up a notch by giving the new Ultimate FV5675 steam iron a generous 2800W.




This enables a rapid heat-up time and continuous steam output of up to 50g/min to soften fibres for quick and easy ironing. You won’t even waste time setting the steam because this iron sets it automatically. Simply select the temperature for the type of linen you're ironing, and Ultimate FV5675 will do the rest for effortless, high-precision ironing.






Helps Prevent Drips





The built-in anti-drip feature helps prevent water droplet stains while you’re ironing – even at low temperatures.




Makes Refills Easy





The 300 ml water tank – 50ml more than the previous generation* – lets you iron more in one go, while the XL filling hole makes top-ups quick and easy.




Saves Energy





Reduce energy use by as much as 20%** just by selecting the Eco Mode setting. It’ll be good for the environment and for your pocket.







Additional Information
Cord Length2.5m
Dimensions32.5 x 19.9 x 17.4 cm