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If you have a busy household or a pet or two at home, then investing in a carpet washer can make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your house tidy and your carpets in excellent shape. Furthermore, with Direct Vacuums’ range of refurbished carpet washers, you can get a reliable carpet washer for hundreds of pounds off the retail price, so you can stay well within budget and spend the rest of your money on more exciting acquisitions.

It might seem unbelievable, but as the only authorised reseller of top branded cleaning products and home appliances in the UK, we can offer you refurbished carpet washers for prices which start as low as £49.99! What’s more, all our products come with a 1 year guarantee for your complete peace of mind. You can learn more about our graded products here.

There are many carpet washers to choose from below, all sourced only from world-leading brands such as Hoover and Vax. Depending on the type of carpets you have and how much dust, dirt and pet fur they accumulate, you can go for a lightweight model, such as this Vax Rapide Upright Carpet Washer, or a more advanced option, like this Vax Dual Power Pro, which features the Dual V technology, ideal for drying up your carpets faster, once you’ve cleaned them.

Regardless of your choice, by investing in a carpet washer, you can say goodbye to all those hours spent on your knees, manually cleaning carpets, and instead enjoy a quick cleaning session which will leave them looking like new! For more information about our refurbished carpet washers, simply browse the products available below or contact our helpful team on 01582 66 46 00 or email [email protected].