Carpet Washer

When you invest in a new carpet, you want it to last as long as possible, and to remain clean and hygienic throughout its life. This can be a tall order in the modern household, with pets, spills, food and dirt all contributing to a tired looking carpet. Fortunately, Direct Vacuums has the perfect solution with a wide range of carpet washers available offering incredible value. 

Carpet washers may have a similar look to vacuum cleaners, but they perform a separate job that is just as important as vacuuming. Although they do not have to be used as frequently, carpet washers play a pivotal role in keeping the carpet fresh and looking brand new. Rugged brush bars underneath help to lift dirt and remove stains quickly and efficiently, whilst jets pump water through the carpet to achieve a deeper clean. And if you opt for a carpet washer with dual technology you won’t have to wait long until your newly washed carpets have dried!

Why You Should Choose Refurbished

As the only authorized reseller of many top branded household cleaning products, Direct Vacuums offers is able to offer huge reductions compared to the RRP on countless reconditioned products, with savings of up to 80% on some of our refurbished carpet washers!

Going refurbished is becoming a popular option nowadays, especially when you get a professionally refurbished product from a world-leading brand, with a full 1 year guarantee at jaw dropping prices. However, if refurbished is not right for you, worry not! We also offer an entire range of brand new carpet washers available at discounted prices.

Want to find out more about our graded products? Read our grades explained.

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