Carpet Steam Cleaner

There once was a time when cleaning carpets was a real chore. One of those household jobs that was often forgotten about until the carpet got replaced, incurring extra costs that could have been avoided. Thankfully, with a great value carpet steam cleaner from Direct Vacuums, your carpets can stay cleaner and retain life for longer, saving you money!

Multi-function steam cleaners are commonly known for their excellent performance on hard floors, using highly hygienic steam to remove stubborn dirt and grime, but what is not as commonly known is that most of these steam cleaners also come with a carpet glider, meaning they can also be used on carpeted floors and surfaces.

Opt For Refurbished Models And Save BIG On RRP

A refurbished carpet steam cleaner is an excellent choice if you would like to save a lot money on the RRP, without having to compromise on quality or performance. Upon delivery, you will be pleased to unpack your carpet steam cleaner and find a great value product, and even more pleased knowing you have saved up to 85% compared to the original price of a brand new item.

But that is not all! Here at Direct Vacuums, we believe in the quality of our refurbished products which is why we offer a 1 year guarantee as standard across all reconditioned products, including our vacuums, steam cleaners, pressure washers and carpet washers. However, if you prefer a brand new carpet steam cleaner from a top cleaning brand, simply browse our brand new steam cleaners range to find what you need.

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Be sure to browse our full range of carpet-ready multi-function steam cleaners today if you’re ready to say goodbye to spending hours removing dirt and stubborn stains from your carpets the old-fashioned way! Instead, why not relax for a couple of hours in your freshly cleaned home?