Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

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There are many reasons why people enjoy the arrival of spring. The longer days and milder temperatures are things to bring joy, and the outside world really starts to look more appealing and come into its own. A spring time tradition is to make some positive changes to the interiors of our homes. Spring cleaning is a significant undertaking, but it can make our homes look much more appealing and feel more comfortable in the spring and summer months. Some may dread the idea of a big spring clean, but there really is no reason to do so. By taking a positive approach, it’s possible to do a deep clean and a great job, easily putting a smile on your face. The latest Direct Vacuums blog provides you with a checklist that we believe can really help you take a positive approach to this year’s spring clean.

1 - Get motivated

A big challenge is getting motivated to get your spring cleaning done! You could start watching motivational videos if that helps. But all things said, putting spring cleaning off just makes the task that bit tougher once you get onto it. So try to get yourself psyched up and in the zone!

2 - Treat yourself to cleaning accessories

A pair of marigolds and a house plant in a home setting One way to build that motivation is by buying some new kit to get the cleaning done. Everybody loves having something new to use or try, and when spring cleaning time arrives, the same applies. Whether it’s a pair of marigolds, some fresh microfiber cloths, or a refurbished vacuum cleaner, having something new to power you forward is only a good thing.

3 - Put time aside

Setting aside a portion of time to do a thorough and proper job is key to making sure your spring cleaning goes smoothly. Picking a morning or an afternoon at the weekend can help you make huge inroads. In fact, with the restrictions the way they are at present, spring cleaning can give you something to do with your day!

4 - Shift your furniture

The rooms we live our lives in become so familiar that we forget there is floorspace and nooks and crannies that we don’t use. These areas can however build up dirt and dust, which have the potential to aggravate allergies. When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t be afraid to shift your furniture and tackle build ups that may not normally be visible.

5 - Look upwards

A pristine living room space after a spring clean The nooks and crannies mentioned above are not just underneath or beside things in your home. Ceilings and high areas such as above wardrobes or kitchen cabinets can easily accumulate dust and need a clean from time to time. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to get the step ladder out and remove all the unwanted muck you can.

6 - Take a methodical approach

It’s easy to just follow your nose when doing the spring clean, but you might miss out on important areas. We suggest taking a few minutes to plan how you are going to tackle cleaning your whole home space, and look to get each area or room done and dusted before moving onto the next one.

7 - Get the big guns on the job

A woman vacuuming a living space with a cordless vacuum from Direct Vacuums Having really effective and efficient cleaning apparatus at your disposal can accelerate your spring cleaning substantially. If you feel a new vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, hard floor cleaner or carpet cleaner could make a real difference, then there are plenty of affordable home appliances out there.

8 - Get more hands on the job

Spring cleaning isn’t something you have to tackle alone! If you share your home with friends or family, why not make spring cleaning a team effort and get more people to help? This can speed the process up, and allow for a more effective job to be done.

9 - Blast some tunes

Create some atmosphere when doing the spring clean! Why not blast out your favourite radio station or get an inspirational playlist put together to keep morale up? It could help turn spring cleaning into something of a party.

10 - Treat yourself afterwards

An array of foods to indulge in post-Spring clean A great way to motivate yourself to get your spring cleaning done is to plan to treat yourself afterwards. A takeaway or a nice glass of wine is the least you deserve after a tough day of cleaning, and if you commit to this before starting, you will get a really strong feeling of deserving it when you settle down to enjoy.

Sort Spring Cleaning in 2021

We hope you have found some inspiration from our spring cleaning guide and picked up some handy tips on how to make the whole process of cleaning your home that bit easier. At Direct Vacuums we have a host of affordable new and refurbished home appliances that can really help turn spring cleaning from a chore into a piece of cake. Be sure to browse through our full array of items and find a great buy today. Take a look too through our delivery options, and if you have any questions, just contact the Direct Vacuums team. We will be happy to offer our support.
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