Top 5 benefits of cordless home appliances

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Domestic appliance technology has come a long way. 100 years ago, getting your home spotless was an extremely laborious and difficult task. But now things have never been easier, and there are products out there that can make things even more simple. At Direct Vacuums, we have a host of excellent home appliances - many of which are cordless by design. Why might cordless be a good way for you to go? In the latest Direct Vacuums blog, we take a look at the top 5 benefits of going cordless with your home appliances. 1 - Flexibility A cordless bagless vacuum cleaner from Direct Vacuums One of the most attractive things about cordless home appliances is the flexibility they offer. Any corded appliance is somewhat restricted by the need to be near a plug. That can mean that you are limited in where you can place things, or if using a corded vacuum cleaner, limited to the kind of area you can clean. But going cordless allows you to do so much more. When cleaning, a cordless vacuum gives you the flexibility to reach more parts of your home and to speed up your overall cleaning process. Cordless appliances like cordless kettles also allow you to place them in more locations and not have to rely on constantly connecting to the electricity supply. 2 - Extra reach A handheld vacuum cleaner from Vax One of the big benefits of cordless vacuum cleaners is their ability to easily and effectively help you clean those corners and crannies that are historically difficult or impossible to reach. This could be under sofas or beds for example, but can also be in hard to reach spots like the top of wardrobes, shelves or cupboards. And particularly in the spring and summer months, creepy crawlies can make a habit of creating webs and the like in high corners of rooms. Cordless vacuums, thanks to their generally light designs and extra reach, make getting rid of these a piece of cake. 3 - Quick emptying Most cordless vacuum cleaners today are bagless. They feature sleek and modern designs that not only help make it easier to carry out your cleaning tasks, but also brings benefits when it’s time to get rid of all the dust and dirt you have picked up. Bagless cordless vacuum cleaners therefore not only make it easy to clean up, but also to get rid of all that you want to get rid of when it comes to cleaning your home. 4 - Multiple surfaces A robot cordless vacuum cleaner from Direct Vacuums As mentioned, cordless vacuum cleaners are really good at tackling a range of areas of the home. But they are also highly effective at cleaning notoriously difficult areas like sofas, curtains and other upholstery. That means that the flexibility of cordless can truly extend to the surfaces they can clean too. With cordless appliances like cordless kettles too, their flexibility means that you don’t necessarily have to keep them in your kitchen. You can use these on multiple surfaces too. Moving the kettle to the bedroom on a lazy Sunday morning or into your home office while working is also a possibility that can appeal. 5 - Variety of models to choose from A cordless Russell Hobbs kettle One final benefit of cordless home appliances is that there are today a wide variety of different options you can choose. It’s no longer a case of their only being limited cordless options at your disposal. Whether you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner, such as perhaps a handheld vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum cleaner, or you are looking for items like cordless kettles, there are lots of great options to choose from. At Direct Vacuums, we have a broad range of new and refurbished cordless vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and cordless home appliances to choose from.
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