Our top Autumn Cleaning tips and tricks

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Autumn is here and it’s always something of a shame to say goodbye to another glorious summer. Whether we like it or not, this time of year sees us having to wrap up that little bit more as the temperatures drop, the days get shorter, and the leaves start falling from the trees. Keeping your home clean and tidy during the autumn months can be somewhat challenging. But fortunately, at Direct Vacuums we understand these challenges and are able to provide some handy cleaning advice. Our latest blog provides you with our top autumn cleaning tips and tricks. So read on and keep a tidy home this autumn!

The challenges of autumn

A close up shot of a spider’s web When it comes to some of the changes that take place in the autumn months, one is a general shift towards more indoors living. Obviously at the moment, life is a bit crazy as we negotiate the current pandemic. So with the current global picture as it is, ensuring a pleasant interior home space is all the more important. With more indoor living happening at this time of year then, there is a greater chance of dust, debris and dirt building up and gathering in the nooks and crannies of our homes. Also, your homes in autumn do not necessarily benefit from what an open window presents, or fresh air generally. This can leave the air in your home becoming more humid, warm and perfect for bacteria and germs to live in. This means a deep clean of your home’s surfaces in autumn can be advantageous, and help you avoid unwanted problems and bugs. This is particularly important at the moment as we all know! Additionally, you might have noticed a few uninvited guests taking up residency in your home. Spiders, bugs and other creepy crawlies often make their ways indoors when the temperatures start to drop, and it’s always better to get rid of them sooner rather than later.

What can be done about it?

A Vytronix air purifier from Direct Vacuums  Looking to cover every surface of your home is a great way to get your home set up and ready for autumn living. Wiping down surfaces, tables and sideboards can all help get your home looking spick and span. You can of course buy cleaning products, or alternatively you can make your own using a combination of five tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water. Be careful when creating this, but it can certainly help to purify and clean surfaces throughout your home. What’s more, don’t overlook some elements of your home that you may not usually be inclined to clean. Winter bugs, viruses and unpleasantries can all be spread via things like remote controls, light switches, door knobs and computers within the home. These items may not get a regular clean, but doing so can be very helpful. An air humidifier or air purifier can help to remove dust mites and germs from the airways of your home. And of course, it would be remiss of us to not mention the importance of cleaning your floors and carpets. Mites and creepy crawlies can very easily set up camp in the fibres of your carpets, while unpleasant odours can also build up over time. This means that these surfaces can always benefit from a deep clean. Vacuums cleaners, carpet cleaners and steam cleaners can all be hugely helpful in removing unwanted elements of your home, and make for a more blissful domestic space this autumn.

The Direct Vacuums range

Miele bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner To help you get your home into the perfect condition this autumn, at Direct Vacuums we have a huge range of excellent home cleaning products that can really help you get the job done. Among our range of vacuum cleaners is cylinder vacuums, upright vacuums and cordless vacuums, helping you to pick out the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. We also sell refurbished vacuum cleaners from leading brands, allowing you to pick up quality products for less and get your home equally nice and tidy. Our range also contains new and refurbished carpet cleaners and steam cleaners, allowing you to take the cleanliness of your home to new levels this autumn. With items from the Direct Vacuums range, you can help to ensure that your home is in beautiful condition this autumn. Be sure to take a look through the full selection of products available at Direct Vacuums and find cleaning appliances for up to 75% off the RRP today.
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