Carpet cleaner 101 - A guide to Direct Vacuums’ range

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In our day-to-day lives, we sometimes leave behind a trail of dirt and debris without us even realising it. You might think you are the cleanest person you know and your house is always spotless. But look a little closer and there are plenty of places where unpleasant things can lurk – some of which are not visible to the naked eye. One of the biggest areas of unwanted dirt and debris can be the carpets of our home. These might feel soft between our toes and look beautiful, but carpets can be hotbeds for dirt and grime that we may not even realise are there. A deep and thorough clean of a carpet can get it back to its best in a very short time. This is where quality carpet cleaners and carpet washers from Direct Vacuums come into their own. In our latest blog, we take a look at why cleaning your carpets is important, and how Direct Vacuums can help you find the perfect product to do so.

The need to clean!

cute_dog The typical domestic carpet is something of a mysterious beast. On the face of it, it may look clean and appealing, forming a great base for the rest of your room to flourish in. But look a little closer and things can be very different... The very design of the classic carpet means they come with various strands of carpet surface popping up, creating hidden areas. These areas, deep within your carpet’s make up, is where things can build up and linger, and even A typical home carpet will accumulate a significant amount of dust just from day-to-day life. Dust contains everything from dead skin cells to hair, bacteria and clothing fibres, and it can easily gather between the components of your carpet. What’s more, bugs and creepy crawlies, including dust mites, bed bugs and carpet beetles, can set up residence in your carpet. This thought alone is enough to turn the stomach, but a deep clean can work wonders and get rid of any unwanted visitors. Carpets can also harbour unpleasant scents and create a kind of mustiness in a room. Any spillage or residue can build and create a lingering smell that can become problematic over time. Carpet cleaning goes a long way to removing such a stench. What’s more, the colour of your carpet can fade over time due to the accumulation of miniscule particles on its fibres. This is such a subtle and slow process that it may not even be something you realise is happening, but the restoration of original colour post clean can be something to behold.

Why a carpet cleaner is such a great investment

rug_doctor Carpet cleaners and carpet washers work to get deep into the pores of your carpet and provide the kind of intensive clean you need. Carpet cleaners use a powerful combination of elements – scrubbing brushes, cleaning solution and vacuum suction – to get deep down into the core of your carpets and shift, scrub and suck up and dislikeable carpet contents. This means that every now and again, you can whip the carpet cleaner out and get your carpets looking their best in no time at all.

Shop with Direct Vacuums

dyson_stick We have a strong choice of new and refurbished carpet cleaners available for you to buy at excellent prices here at Direct Vacuums. We stock new carpet cleaners from the likes of Vax and Rug Doctor which are powerful cleaning tools and won’t leave your carpet wet for long. Designed to penetrate deep into your carpet’s interior, these carpet cleaners work quickly and let your carpets dry quickly, allowing you to quickly crack on with things. Direct Vacuums also stocks refurbished carpet cleaners from Vax in our range, providing you with the same quality products at a lower price. So if you’re looking to acquire a top-quality carpet cleaner for less, look no further than the Direct Vacuums range. Browse through all our home essentials today and find your perfect buy. We also have an excellent delivery offering, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.
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