Benefits of Refurbished Vacuums

When a product is designed by industry experts, made to high specification, tested vigorously, and finally shipped with care, then it is built to last. At Direct Vacuums we work with some of the best names in the vacuums industry, hand-picked to meet our quality standards. When you buy a refurbished vacuum with Direct vacuums, you can rest assured knowing it will adhere to good quality standards. 

The benefits of buying a refurbished vacuum are fairly apparent but often overlooked, so here we have brought you the benefits of buying a refurbished vacuum from the reconditioning experts.


A testament to our expertise here at Direct Vacuums, we receive positive feedback from many buyers, which we believe is achieved through simply providing reliable, quality products at affordable prices. We firmly believe that choosing a great branded refurbished model, serviced by experienced technicians is the way to go, and we offer a wide variety of choices from brands such as Hoover from as little as £24.99.

1-year guarantee

Direct Vacuum’s 1 year guarantee promise demonstrates our faith in our experts and the brands which we stock, offering an extra assurance to our customers.

Top brands, lower prices

It is great to be able to use your vacuum knowing that it can save you hours of cleaning time over the course of the year due to its efficiency. We recondition brands such as VAX, Hoover, and AEG. All of these professional quality vacuum brands come in at prices that won’t put a big dent in your bank account.

The best of both worlds

When you buy from one of the great brands in the vacuum industry you are buying from a brand with patented technology, developed over time aimed to sell at a higher price point. When you buy a refurbished vacuum from Direct Vacuums you are getting the best of both worlds, a more high-spec and high-tech vacuum for a significantly lower price.

We hope this has helped to make up your mind on your next purchase. However, if you have any queries about our products at all, be sure to check out our frequently asked questions or contact our team of experts on 01582 66 46 00 or alternatively browse our extensive refurbished selection of vacuums now!