Whirlpool 481253029404 NEW Replacement Fridge Freezer Tube Ikea Kitchen Aid

Brand new item that may have suffered from slight packaging damage - 1 Year Guarantee
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Product Features


  • Genuine replacement tube for your fridge freezer

  • Fits Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid and Ikea Models


Suitable for the following appliances:

Kitchen Aid (Comsumer Spares) KRFC9010/I, KRFC9010/IN


Whirlpool 3XS20DRCB20, ART720, ART721/BLACK, ART721BLACK, ART730, ART730/UK, ART731, ART732, ART735, ART745, ARZ 740 B, ARZ730/B, ARZ730/W, ARZ730/W/UK, ARZ730B, ARZ730W, ARZ735/S, ARZ735/W, ARZ735S, ARZ735W, ARZ737/B, ARZ737B, ARZ740.S, ARZ740.W, ARZ740/B, ARZ740/S, ARZ740/W, ARZ740B, ARZ740W, ARZ742/W, ARZ742W, ARZ767/S, ARZ767/SSFC, ARZ767S, G20EFSB23IX, S20B.RBB20.A.G, S20B.RWW20, S20B.RWW20.A.G, S20BRBB20 - A/G, S20BRBB20-A/G, S20BRBB20AG, S20BRWW20 - A/G, S20BRWW20-A/G, S20BRWW20AG, S20CFWW20 - A/G, S20CFWW20-A/G, S20D.RWW, S20DFBB20 - A/G, S20DFBB20-A/G, S20DRWW30 - A/G, S20DRWW30-A/G, S20ERAA2V - A/G, S20ERAA2V-A/G, S20ERAA2VAG, S20ERBB2V - A/G, S20ERBB2V-A/G, S20ERSS2V - A/G, S20ERSS2V-A/G, S20ERWW.2V, S20ERWW2V - A/G, S20ERWW2V-A/G, S20ERWW2VAG, US20DRCB20, US20DRSB22


Ikea 100.962.43, 60096245

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