Stick Vacuums

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Everybody wants to clean their home with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency. At Direct Vacuums, we have a super selection of cheap vacuum cleaners that can help you do exactly that.

One of our most popular styles is the stick vacuum cleaners. These designs enable easy cleaning thanks to a flexible, mobile design that allows a vast area to be covered in a short amount of time. This provides users with the speedy clean they want, without compromising on quality.

At Direct Vacuums, we stock excellent stick vacuum cleaners from Vytronix at exceptionally low prices.

Our range includes powerful designs harnessing cyclonic technology, as well as models featuring the revolutions HEPA filter. This High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter traps micro-sized particles and allergens, making it a great selection for allergy sufferers looking to but a vacuum cleaner that does not aggravate their allergies.

There are corded and cordless stick vacuums available within our range, so whatever your personal preferences, you can find the best stick vacuum cleaner for your needs at Direct Vacuums.

Our stick vacuums are not only great from a functionality perspective, but the prices we sell these products at are truly fantastic. You can save massively against the RRP by shopping at Direct Vacuums, so what are you waiting for?

Additionally, we have a wide selection of Vytronix products for you to pick from. This includes cylinder vacuumssteam cleaners and home appliances.

You can also pick up Vytronix spares at Direct Vacuums, while we also have a fine selection of refurbished vacuums from Vytronix available.

Be sure to take a look at our excellent delivery offering, and if you have any questions about our range, be sure to contact the Direct Vacuums team.