Vax S2ST Hard Floor Pro & Carpet Steam Cleaner Stick Mop RRP £109.99

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It’s lightweight, manoeuvrable and very easy to use.

Unlike other steam cleaners, it uses exclusive TwinTank Technology to combine steam with a specially formulated Vax detergent *(available separately)* to deliver extra cleaning power, right where it’s needed. Vax’s environmentally friendly Steam detergent cuts through grease and grime, eliminating 99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to seven days.It’s ideal for cleaning up after your kids and pets, leaving your bare floors sparkling clean and smelling citrus fresh.

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria for up to seven days Ideal for cleaning a variety of sealed floors including tiles, lino, laminate and wood Cleans hard floors and refreshes carpets. This powerful steam cleaner is perfect for a wide variety of sealed bare floor surfaces including tiles, lino, laminate and wood.

A carpet glider is also provided for refreshing your carpets and rugs. To steam clean your hard floors, simply attach a cleaning pad and then fill up the clean water and detergent tanks. Switch it on and wait a minute for it to heat up.

Once the green light comes on, you’re ready to steam. Squeeze the trigger to release the steam and move the steam stick slowly backwards and forwards across the floor.

To refresh your carpets and rugs, simply fit the carpet glider tool over the cleaning pad before use.

A full tank of clean water provides around 10 minutes steaming time.

Its contoured design cleans right into corners The Bare Floor Pro can also be used without detergent, if preferred. Simply use the clean control dial to select your preferred mode of cleaning. Ideal for cleaning in tight corners With its contoured design, you can reach right into tight corners for a really thorough clean.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, the Bare Floor Pro stores away neatly on its cooling base, allowing it to cool down safely, away from the floor. The cleaning pads are easy to fit and remove Quick and easy to use The Bare Floor Pro’s cleaning pads are quick and easy to fit and remove, and they are washable so they can be used time and time again. Once the unit has cooled down, the cleaning pad can be easily peeled away from the base.

To clean the pads, simply wash them in your washing machine at a warm temperature using a mild detergent, then allow to dry before using again.

The Bare Floor Pro includes a coral cleaning pad and a carpet glider.

Additional Information
TypeSteam Cleaner
Cord Length8m
Hose Lengthno