Types of Steam Cleaners

The modern day answer to the mop, steam cleaners are highly versatile and functional appliances that can make life easier when it comes to the cleaning of hard floors, carpets and other surfaces.

Choosing the right type of steam cleaner to fit your needs can be tricky, so below we have outlined some of the principal types of steam cleaners to help you decide.

steam cleaners

Steam mops

Steam mops are a highly hygienic and efficient tool for cleaning many different types of surfaces, from wooden floors to table tops. They offer incredible power and performance, whilst not compromising on a modern and sleek design. Steam mops are perfect for lifting stubborn stains with ease, in an upright form that allows them to be used how you would a vacuum cleaner. Upright steam mops are perfect for those who would like to quickly and easily clean large surfaces around the home.

Handheld steam cleaners

Handheld steam cleaners are renowned for their incredible versatility and whole host of practical uses around the home. A handheld steam cleaner is perfect for you if you find yourself frustrated with scrubbing surfaces to little avail. These powerful refurbished steam cleaners offer incredible value with prices from just £19.99 for some of our refurbished models!

Multi-functional steam cleaners

Multi-functional steam cleaners are those types of steam cleaners that can be split into handhelds, used on a variety of surfaces including on harder to reach areas, and have different functions compared to a regular steam cleaner. Get the best of both worlds by buying a steam mop that converts into a handheld steam cleaner!

Remember, all of our refurbished models come with a 1-year guarantee for your peace of mind. Discover the perfect steam cleaner for you now or read through our FAQs for any additional queries you might have.