Types of Pressure Washers

At Direct Vacuums we understand the need for different types of pressure washers to suit different needs. A great quality pressure washer can transform the appearance of a car’s exterior or the surface of your old patio into something newer looking, but depending on what you would like to do with your pressure washer, you may need a higher or lower power level.

To help you decide which power level is right for you, we have outlined some of the key benefits of each type of pressure washer.

pressure washers

Light use pressure washers

A light use pressure washer can be used effectively to clean garden furniture, barbeques, bicycles, garden tools and rubbish bins. A light use pressure washer weighs less than a heavier duty one, and is the perfect type of outdoor cleaner for someone looking for an easy to handle, functional pressure washer that will not break the bank.

Medium use pressure washers

At the middle of the spectrum is a medium use pressure washer. These slightly heavier duty pressure washers can cover a wide range of tasks outdoors, such as cleaning your car, lorry, boat, guttering, lawn mower, and fencing. Medium use pressure washers can also be used on the patio, to try and get rid some of that grime built up over the years!

Heavy duty use pressure washers

For those that need a top power cleaning tool, a heavy duty pressure washer will do the job efficiently. A heavy duty pressure washer can clean driveways, patios, and also remove paintwork in some applications. These types of pressure washers are also the most efficient for cleaning farm equipment and decking.

See our full range of refurbished and new pressure washers now to make your choice, and for any queries not listed in out FAQ’s, feel free to contact us.