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Many people find that relaxing in front of their television is the best way to unwind after a long day.

The television is a central element for many modern homes, bringing together families to sit and watch their favourite shows together.

With so many great television options available to enjoy today, having a suitable TV set is almost more important than ever!

Streaming services, films and gaming fans can all benefit from having top quality television sets at excellent price points. That’s why Direct Vacuums’ range of affordable TVs are so appealing, and you are sure to find an excellent bargain to meet your needs in our range, whether it’s a new or refurbished model.

This range includes HD Ready Smart TVs that are large in size, high in quality, but low in price. These are great buys for families, but are also the perfect TVs for students and student houses, as well as being a strong option for gamers.

Make sure you take a look through our full range of TVs, and browse our wider home and garden selection of products too.