Tower T17023 Air Fryer Compact Low Fat Healthy Cooking Fryer 2.2L Black

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Product Features:


  • Healthier cooking: With the use of rapid air circulation technology and a low calorie cooking spray, you can fry without the excess fat associated with traditional frying and in a reduced time


  • Temperature control: The adjustable dial ranges between 80 - 200 Degree so you can easily cook a variety of meals, including vegetables, chips, chicken and cake


  • 2.2 Litre capacity: The cooking basket provides enough space for baking, grilling and frying a wide range of ingredients


  • 30 minute timer: Conveniently schedule the cooking cycle and the air fryer will automatically switch off once completed


  • Detachable compartments: The pull out drawer and removable basket require only a simple hand wash to clean




Tower 2.2L Air Fryer with Rapid Air Circulation System, VORTX Frying Technology



Up to 80 percent less fat with same great taste



Eliminate the excess fat associated with frying and create a range of delicious meals using the hot air circulation technology of the 2.2 litre Tower air fryer.


With only a small amount of low calorie cooking spray the enhanced airflow creates a crispy texture as it fries across a range of ingredients, including vegetables, chicken, chips, and cakes.


Easy to clean with removable, dishwasher safe basket, this Tower Air Fryer is the ideal kitchen accessory for your kitchen.



  • Advanced Rapid Air Circulation System


  • 1000W of power


  • 30 Minute Manual Timer


  • Detachable Non-Stick Frying Basket


  • Easy-clean with dishwasher safe parts


  • Good Housekeeping Approved



Rapid Air Circulation



The enhanced airflow technology helps evenly circulate the heat around the basket so all of your ingredients are cooked thoroughly, with delicious results.



Suitable Frying Space



The 2.2 litre capacity provides suitable air frying space, with the addition of a 30 minute timer for scheduling a cooking cycle for each meal.



Versatile Cooking Options



From savoury mains to delicious sweet treats, the adjustable temperature gauge ranges from 80-200 degrees to suit chicken, chips and even cake recipes.



Easy to Clean



Removing all of the excess mess out of the air fryer is quick and easy to do. The pull out drawer can be cleaned by just a simple hand wash.



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