Swan SK31040GN NEW Jug Kettle with Temperature Dial Retro 1.5L 3000w Green

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  • Generous 1.5 litre capacity meaning you can get more than 6 cups out of just one boil, plenty of water for making yourself, your partner and the rest of a family a nice hot drink and ensuring you’re always prepared for unexpected guests. Ideal for domestic kitchens small and large, those who prefer a more classic retro style, cafes, diners, hotels, guest houses, offices and staff rooms. It also makes the perfect gift for newlyweds, new homeowners or students moving into student accommodation.

  • Its cordless design means it’s easy to use and carry about without being restricted, great for topping up someone’s drink or if you need to add hot water to your cooking. The 360-degree rotational base also makes it the ideal for both left and right-handed users.

  • 3KW concealed heating element allows for safety and optimum efficiency with fast boil technology, you don’t have to wait round for that hot cup of coffee in the morning. With an automatic cut out and boil dry protection to ensure safety when in use.

  • The sturdy handle and specially designed spout allow for easy pouring with no drips or spills. With a see-through measuring gauge on the side, you can measure exactly how much water you need for energy efficient boiling. The eye-catching external temperature dial also allows you to adjust the temperature when it comes to preparing delicate teas which can sometimes require a lower temperature, or for making cooler drinks for little ones.

  • The Swan Retro Range delivers that classic retro feel to your home with a whole range of colours to suit any kitchen. Made with a robust stainless-steel body in a beautiful green colour and chrome effect finishes, this kettle makes a stylish addition to anyone’s kitchen.




3KW Rapid Boil



A powerful and efficient 3KW element provides rapid boil times, especially useful for when a quick cuppa is required. This high-performance Retro kettle also comes with a generous 1.5L capacity so you can boil up to 6 cups. Great for large gatherings and busy households.



The Perfect Brew



The distinctive, precision external temperature gauge allows you to adjust the water temperature range to suit a variety of teas. The temperature gauge also indicates the exact water temperature at any given time. A handy addition which may help avoid any unnecessary re-boiling the kettle the next time you need a hot drink.






With its striking aesthetics and stylish yet simple bygone charm, the Retro kettle adds a touch of nostalgia to any kitchen. So whether you want to add a dramatic pop of colour, a statement piece or as part of a major kitchen re-styling, the Retro kettle from Swan fits the bill every time.

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Dimensions247 x 221 x 174 mm (H x W x D)