Swan SC15824N 21.6V Cordless Upright Stick Vacuum Cleaner Eureka PowerTurbo

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  • Lightweight and portable: This 3-in-1 vacuum be carried up and down stairs and between rooms effortlessly; ideal for those who struggle lifting and moving heavy objects; the cordless design means there are no limitations on your movement and it can easily convert into a handheld vacuum to reach the hard to clean spots like stairs, ceilings, curtains, blinds, Upholstery, down the side of couch cushions and light fixtures with ease. Also perfect for a quick car clean

  • Powerful motorised floor head with LED lights: The specially engineered bristle roller picks up dirt, debris, dust, crumbs, hairs, dry spills and pet fur effortlessly from carpets and hard floors; the LED lights on the brush head illuminate dark areas, corners and under furniture as you clean, ensuring you get every last little speck of dust

  • Quiet operation and efficient cleaning: Featuring swivel steering technology which allows you to easily manoeuvre around and under furniture, from room to room and on carpets to hard floors; continued power with one press for your ease, with 22-minute run time on Full power from just one charge, plenty of time to give your whole house a quick clean

  • Anti-allergen and easy to empty dust cup: With a washable anti-allergen HEPA filter built in it traps tiny dust particles, allergens and remove pet odours as you clean; ideal for those with allergies or pets; the dust cup can be easily emptied using the quick release button or by twisting it off by hand, the choice is up to you



Converts to Hand Held



Lightweight yet powerful vacuums come equipped with a two-in-one stick for ease of use, and its versatile design means floor to ceiling cleaning is now a simple task. The swivel steering feature provides easy access under and around furniture. Seamlessly converts to a handheld vacuum which can use for stairs, ceilings, light fittings, cars etc



Powerful Cordless Design



Swivel your powerful cordless vacuum around your home in just 20 minutes, as its lightweight manoeuvrability transforms an often robust cleaning experience into a quick and straightforward task. With no cord to hold you back. 1 touch continued power button, and quiet operation will have you gliding from room to room and cuts your cleaning time in two.



Washable HEPA Anti Allergen Filter



The Washable HEPA filter provides a sustainable and powerful cleaning solution, trapping dirt and capturing dust and allergens as you clean. This advanced technology separates dirt and air flow, capturing tiny dust particles and removing pet odour while keeping suction as optimal levels.



Removable Battery



This rechargeable stick cordless vacuum cleaner offers powerful suction with a single touch power button. Break away from the cord and clean wherever you want.



Easy Wall Mounted Storage



With an easy to instal wall mount, it holds your vacuum plus two tools. Simple storage solution keeps your home tidy.



Easy to Empty



Press a release button to empty the dust cup or twist it off by hand. Whichever you choose, it won’t make a mess.



Power Turbo



We know how hard floors can capture hard to tackle dirt and so this versatile vacuum comes equipped with a turbo floor head devoted to tackling the hard to clean hard floors. With a powerful grip, the floor head won’t let any loose crumbs escape its pull. This is great for carpets but can also be used on hard floors.


Additional Information
TypeStick Vacuum
Filter TypeHepa
Dimensions110 x 17 x 25cm (H x W x D)