Steam Mops

'Clean up’ in more ways than one, by choosing a reconditioned steam mop over buying new!

Steam cleaning is well worth considering if fast and hygienic yet wonderfully thorough cleaning is what you’re after. Opting for a refurbished steam cleaner from Direct Vacuums (and Household Appliances), rather than buying new, is well worth considering too. Here’s why:

- There is no compromise on power and performance

- Many of our mops are multifunctional models, yet still available at massively reduced prices

- All steam mops come with a 1-year guarantee, for your peace of mind

What’s more, NEXT DAY DELIVERY is available, so you won’t have to wait and wonder for long as to whether your purchase will live up to expectation. Get mopping within twenty-four hours of ordering your appliance from us, and see the excellent results for yourself.

This VAX S86-SF-C STEAM MOP FRESH COMBI 10 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTION CLEANER includes washable microfibre cleaning pads (and is currently available to buy from us with £110 knocked off the recommended retail price!)


Enjoy the wonderful citrus freshness

Upon delivery, taking your mop out of the packaging will feel no different to if you’d purchased a brand new one; although you might just feel a little pleased with yourself for opting for a reconditioned, great looking and perfectly working mop at a massively reduced price, over buying a new one and seeing no extra benefits to doing so at all!

Leave your floors sparkling (and 100 per cent streak-free) by investing in this VAX S86-CHM-2 2 IN 1 COMPLETE HOME MASTER STEAM CLEANER MOP


Lift those stubborn stains, with ease

Steam cleaning mops are quick to heat up and offer almost effortless cleaning. Get your floors looking great and your home smelling fresh in no time, by opting for steam cleaning – which is also the planet-friendly way to clean thanks to the absence of chemicals used in the actual cleaning process.

Upright stick steam mop cleaning is now markedly more affordable (and therefore a realistic option for thousands of people across the UK), thanks to the Direct Vacuums refurbished steam mops range.

For you, which mop comes top?