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AEG vacuum cleaners are not only reliable and effective, but they’re also a dream to use. Navigate around the home with ease using a convenient cordless options, or tackle hard to reach areas with a dual-purpose nozzle. With AEG vacuum cleaners, you can make the act of home cleaning a more enjoyable process.

We have a choice of refurbished AEG models available, so you can find the perfect vacuum cleaner to meet your requirements, whilst saving big on high street prices. Choose from:

  • Bagless cylinder vacuum – perfect for all floor types
  • Pet bagless vacuum – great for sucking up pesky pet hairs
  • Wet and dry handheld cleaner – a great option for quick cleans and spills

Regardless of what cleaning situation you’re faced with, refurbished AEG vacuum cleaners from Direct Vacuums are a great solution.

Great dust pick-up, whatever the surface

AEG vacuum cleaners are extremely versatile for use all around the home. If you have both soft carpets and hard floors that you want to maintain, AEG vacuums are the perfect choice for you.

Clean your home for less by discovering refurbished AEG vacuums from Direct Vacuums below, or for more brands browse our entire selection of refurbished vacuum cleaners.