Kenwood CAP70.A0WH NEW 3-in-1 Electric Can & Bottle Opener Knife Sharpener White

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Product Features:



  • Automatic start/stop, hands free action means the blade starts cutting with a light push of the lever and stops when the lid is removed

  • Removable blade allows for easy cleaning and ensures hygienic operation

  • Full feature table top can opener opens all shapes from small and standard domestic cans to large 1.2kg cans

  • Also includes an integrated knife sharpener and bottle opener

  • Lid retaining magnet for safe disposal of lid



Open cans and bottles or sharpen your kitchen knives with the Kenwood CAP70.A0WH 3-in-1 Electric Can Opener.


When opening cans, a lid magnet keeps the lid out of the way. And you can remove the handle and blade unit for easy washing.


Additional Information
Dimensions225 x 115 x 100 mm (H x W x D)