iRobot Roomba I7558+ I7 14.4v Bagless Robot Vacuum Cleaner Smart Navigation

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Product features

  • Compatible with iOS & Android

  • Run time: 75 minutes

  • Power: 14.4 V

  • Smart Navigation

  • 0.4 litre capacity



Navigates multiple rooms


The iRobot Roomba I7558+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner features iAdapt 3.0 Navigation which helps Roomba seamlessly navigate an entire level of your home while keeping track of its location.

Use the iRobot HOME App to schedule exact cleaning times and choose which rooms you want vacuumed. It maps out your home so that you have total control (although it won't tidy up the laundry for you).


Cleans all floor types


Suitable for all floor types, the iRobot Roomba I7558+ automatically adjusts for carpets, tile, hardwood and laminate floors as it travels through your home. Unique rubber brushes flex to stay in constant contact with your floor surfaces.


Dirt has no chance


The Roomba I7558+ uses optical and acoustic dirt sensors to locate the dirt clusters, focusing more attention on the places in your home where dust collects.

Its high-efficiency filters capture 99% of all the allergens from pet hair and dust, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.


Automatically recharges


With a run time of up to 75 minutes, the iRobot Roomba I7558+ will recharge on its own and resume the current cleaning task until the whole job is completed. It even empties on its own so you don't have to think about it.


Cliff sensors prevent tumbles


Don't worry about your beloved Roomba falling down the stairs - cliff-detection sensors stop it from taking any damaging tumbles.






iRobot has over 30 years of robotics expertise and innovation with over 30 million home robots sold worldwide. Whether you choose Roomba, Braava or both - your floors get the specialized care they need.



Forget about vacuuming for months



Automatically empties the bin into an AllergenLock™ bag that holds 60 days of debris, so you don’t have to think about vacuuming for months at a time.



Cleans when, where, and how you want.



Imprint® Smart Mapping allows you to control which rooms are cleaned and when, for vacuuming that works around you and your schedule. Plus, you can tell your robot to stay away from certain areas or objects with customizable Keep Out Zones.



Vacuums messes in the moment



The i7+ can clean specific messes for you right when they happen, so if you’re racing out the door and notice a crumbs under the kitchen table, you can use the iRobot Home App or your Google or Alexa voice assistant to tell the i7+ to immediately clean that spot and consider it done. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google is a trademark of Google LLC



Small dust? Large debris? No problem.



Experience a comprehensive clean with Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and 10X the Power-Lifting Suction* that pulls in dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides, along with an Edge-Sweeping Brush to take care of the details. *compared to the Roomba® 600 series cleaning system



Guided by serious smarts



With vSLAM® navigation, the i7+ learns the layout of your home and builds personal Smart Maps, enabling it to expertly clean and maneuver in neat, efficient rows leaving clean in its wake. And if it’s running low on battery, it charges itself and picks up where it left off to ensure the job gets done.



Your privacy is our priority



We’re committed to providing you with the highest standards of privacy protection, helping to make sure your data stays private, secure —and is used to improve your experience and your robot’s performance.


Additional Information
TypeCylinder Vacuum
Dimensions91 x 350 x 350 mm (H x W x D)