Floor Steam Cleaner

How to Achieve Sparkling Clean Floors Effortlessly

Gone are the days of kneeling for hours and using cloths or brushes to clean your floor and carpets. Instead, now all you need to leave your floors clean in a matter of minutes is a reliable floor steam cleaner.

At Direct Vacuums we provide an impressive range of branded floor steam cleaners, available as refurbished models or brand new items, all of them featuring affordable price tags. Pick your favourite model and enjoy a hassle-free floor cleaning from now on. And you can also get your new floor steam cleaner sooner than expected, as we now offer free next day delivery for all orders placed before 1pm on Fridays, which means that you could receive your newly purchased product on a Saturday, just in time for some weekend cleaning.


Choosing the Right Floor Steam Cleaner

Do you prefer a steam mop designed specifically for cleaning hard floors, or perhaps a versatile multi-functional steam cleaner? There are so many models available now, it might seem like an overwhelming process picking the right one for you. However, our product pages include detailed specifications for each floor steam cleaner, so you can get the information you need to help you decide on a model. And if you require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01582 66 46 00. We’re happy to help!


Say Goodbye to 98% of Bacteria and Dust Mites

Besides helping you keep your floors clean and fresh, the right floor steam cleaner can also help you get rid of up to 98% of bacteria, germs and dust mites, which is especially useful is you or one of your loved ones is an allergy sufferer. For example, the high temperature of the steam output from this Vax VRS16S Steam Mop is able to break down grease, as well as eradicate bacteria and allergens. For more handy floor steam cleaners simply browse our website.