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Save as much as £250 by opting for a reconditioned (perfectly working) model!

All bagged cylinder vacuum cleaners refurbished and made ready for sale by us at Direct Vacuums come with a one-year guarantee, so you can buy with confidence and in a ‘no risk’ way. What’s more, delivery is super fast, with a Next Day service being an option, if that’s what you particularly need?

The range of reconditioned bagged cylinder vacuums we can offer you is vast (choose from Hoover, AEG and Zanussi models), and the savings to be made on opting for one of our refurbished machines over a new one are amazing.

This HOOVER CP71CP01 CAPTURE BAGGED CYLINDER VACUUM CLEANER is available to buy from us TODAY with £60 OFF the recommended retail price!


Incredible suction power, at an incredibly low price

At your home or business premises, keep your floors and upholstery spotlessly clean by using a reconditioned bagged cylinder vacuum that:

- Is lightweight and compact (and easy to store) yet still possesses awesome suction power. So, don’t worry that because your cleaner is reconditioned you may experience a lack of power and a ‘sapped’ general cleaning capacity. Far from it! Your vacuum will perform just like a brand new model. Promise.

- Is easy to manoeuvre, and allows you to clean even in the tightest and most awkward corners and other areas. Also, cleaning the stairs will be a doddle –  because the machine is lightweight, carrying it from room to room or up and down flights of stairs won’t feel like heavy work every time


- Offers hygienic cleaning (using a bagged model means you won’t ever come into contact with dust, allergens, mites, bacteria and other ‘undesirables’!). Simply vacuum as normal and let all the dirt and dust be captured in the bag, for later disposal

This AEG UOQUATTRO ULTRAONE QUATTRO CYLINDER VACUUM CLEANER comes with variable power controls, for when you want to perhaps switch from vacuuming a thick carpet to a delicate piece of upholstered furniture. But you don’t have to adjust the power yourself: the built-in AUTO feature automatically does it all for you. And when you buy this model through Direct Vacuums you save as much as £250!


Hassle-free bag changing, every time

Many people are wrongly put off from opting for a bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner (over a bagless model), as they don’t want the hassle of knowing when the bag needs changing, or the potential mess caused by overfull/overflowing bags. The good news for Direct Vacuum customers is that the reconditioned models we sell come with an electronic indicator that will alert you whenever the filter and dust bag need to be changed. Also, bag removal and replacement is purposely designed to be a clean process (no sneezing involved! No urgent hand-washing required!).

Finally, the dust retention offered by bagged vacuums (with different dust bag capacities) makes them ideal for allergy sufferers. So, if that’s you, do seriously consider opting for a bagged model – one that works as brilliantly as it looks! 

Choose from our range, and make vacuuming MANAGEABLE, at last