Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Enjoy more freedom

Over the past few years cordless vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular, with thousands of household owners investing in them each year, and for good reason! These ingenious devices allow users to say goodbye to the restraint of having to plug in their vacuum every time and then being able to only clean the area they could reach whilst the cord was plugged in. Tough luck if you didn’t have a vacuum cleaner with a really long cord or enough electrical sockets throughout your house!


cordless vacuum cleaners

As people adopted busier lifestyles, cleaning sessions became shorter and this is where the cordless vacuum cleaners come in really handy. Instead of spending hours to clean your entire house, now you can opt for a ‘grab and go’ cleaning spree. Simply grab your fully charged cordless vacuum cleaner and start cleaning for up to 1 hour or more, depending on the capacity of your vacuum cleaner. For example, this Cordless Vax charges in only 3 hours and one session can last up to 60 minutes (30 minutes per battery).


Go ‘cordless’ without breaking the bank

Investing in a cordless vacuum cleaner might seem like a big spend. But we’ve got the solution for you! Instead of spending hundreds of £££ in a high street store on a brand new product, why not opt for a refurbished cordless vacuum available at unbelievably prices. At Direct Vacuums, we pride ourselves on the years of experience we have in the refurbishment industry which allow us to provide refurbished products that work just as well as new ones, the only difference being some minor cosmetic marks.

 cordless vacuum cleaners

However, if you still prefer a brand new, never used before cordless vacuum cleaner, then check out the New (Repackaged) selection or the Brand New collection of cordless vacuums available on our website. Regardless of your choice, as the only authorised reseller of brands such as Vax, Electrolux, Hoover and more, we’re able to offer products at a fraction of their RRP.