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Direct Vacuums Blog

  • 5 ways to Extend the Life of your Vacuum Cleaner

    When you purchase a new item for your home, you want it to stand the test of time.

    Naturally, sometimes things need replacing and upgrading, but there’s no reason for you not to get the most out of anything you buy.

    When it comes to extending the life of your vacuum cleaner and looking after it, there are a few handy things you can do. We’ve picked out five tips to help you make the most of your purchase.
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  • Vacuum Cleaners for Shoulder or Back Pain Sufferers

    If you suffer from shoulder or back pain, doing the most basic household task can become a significant challenge.

    Any condition that effects your mobility, strength and comfort is problematic. Therefore finding products that make it as easy as possible to carry out required tasks around the home without aggravating or enhancing pain should be a priority.

    At Direct Vacuums, we stock a superb collection of vacuum cleaners in different shapes and sizes. Some of these are more suited to back and shoulder pain sufferers than others simply because of their weight, design and flexibility.

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  • Why Now is the Right Time for a Robotic Vacuum

    For those who love their gadgets, the idea of a robotic vacuum that can swoop around your floors picking up bits or dust and dirt while you sat there with your feet up seems like the ideal when it comes to home cleaning.

    The notion of a robotic vacuum has been experimented with for a number of years, as leading companies in the industry sought to create prototypes and models that would see them take a leading position.

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  • Get Spring Fresh Carpets with these 5 Simple Steps

    Get Spring Fresh Carpets with these 5 Simple Steps

    With Spring in full swing, many families will be looking for ways to revive their carpets after a very long and very dull winter. The dirt that has accumulated in your carpets during the wet, wintry season has more than likely left your carpets looking a little lacklustre, which is why we’re here to help with 5 simple steps towards getting fresh carpets for Spring.
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  • The Hoover – All You Need to Know

    Did you know the first vacuum cleaner was created by a box, a fan, a silk pillowcase and a broomstick? This innovative creation was made by James Spangler, who later went to trial it with his cousin, Susan Hoover.

    After trying the vacuum cleaner in her home for a few days, Susan showed her husband, William Hoover, who began selling them in his shop. After becoming a popular product with consumers, the company name “The Hoover Company” was established and the business took full flight.

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  • Vacuum Cleaners for Mother’s Day

    If you want to go down the practical route this year and get your mum a Mother’s Day gift she not just wants, but also needs, then opting for a vacuum cleaner can be a great idea.

    If seeing your mum struggle with a big, bulky and unreliable vacuum leaves you with a knot in your stomach, you can quickly, easily and affordably rectify this dilemma with a refurbished vacuum cleaner from Direct Vacuums.

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  • The Top 10 Consequences of Not Vacuuming Your Home

    The home is where we spend a lot of our daily lives, which can often lead to dirt and mess accumulating, especially in larger family abodes. If you’ve put the idea of vacuuming your home at the back of your mind for a while now, you can expect to see a variety of consequences for not regularly cleaning your home.

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Spring Cleaning in Winter

    Once the magic of Christmas has dwindled away, we’re left with the bleak month of January. For many of us, the January blues leave us feeling cold and unmotivated to venture outdoors.

    This got us thinking…. How can we make the most of this cold weather and all the time spent indoors? Starting off with a bit of spring cleaning, or more appropriately winter cleaning, can be a great idea. Here’s why we think you should do your spring cleaning in winter this year:

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  • Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Under £50

    Are you looking for some last-minute Christmas gift ideas for family members? Or how about something for your cleaning-enthusiast friend? If so, Direct Vacuums are here to help!

    We have a wide range of refurbished vacuum cleaners and other home appliances for discounted prices that would make the perfect gift for mum, dad or grandma. They’re also a great idea to save money on your Christmas shopping bills. Below, we’ve highlighted our top 5 Christmas gift choices, all available for under £50. Continue reading

  • Make the Most of Black Friday with Direct Vacuums’ Deals

    Looking to bag yourself a Black Friday bargain this year? If so, check out our selection of promotions across selected items and find your perfect vacuum in time for Christmas.

    Whether you’re shopping for a gift or you need a new vacuum before the hectic season of baking and decorating begins, our top 7 promotions can help you find what you need. But hurry, stock is limited and these discounts we’ll be gone by the end of the week!

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