Direct Vacuums’ Quiz for Picking the Best Steam Cleaner for You

best steam cleaner

Handheld, steam mop, multi-function and the options go on…We’re talking about steam cleaners of course! These handy cleaning tools come in so many different models now that it might seem like a challenge to pick the best steam cleaner for you. That’s why we’ve prepared this useful quiz to help you decide which steam cleaner is the best choice in your case.

To get you started, simply answer the following 4 questions and note down your answers:

1. Do you lead a busy lifestyle?

            a) Yes

            b) No

2. How much time do you dedicate to cleaning your home?

            a) Cleaning? Who has time for that?

            b) Every day, if possible. If not, I make sure to clean the house at least once or twice a week.

3. Do you have young children or pets?

            a) No

            b) Yes

4. Do you always seem stumble upon an accidental spill in the kitchen or does it take hours to clean the bathroom?

            a) Yes

            b) No

If you’ve answered mostly a) for the first 3 questions, then we recommend opting for a handheld steam cleaner. These handy devices are great for grab and go cleaning sessions which don’t take up too much time, and they can clean a wide variety of surfaces, making them useful to have around the house, whether it’s to get rid of grease in the kitchen, grime and bacteria in the bathroom or cleaning your mirrors, windows and tiles in a matter of minutes!

If you’ve answered mostly b) for the first 3 questions, then what you need is a multi-functional steam cleaner that also works as a steam mop, suitable for all sorts of flooring. This versatile type of steam cleaner is excellent for a more heavy-duty cleaning session to help you leave your home sparkling clean, although you can also use it to easily clean up accidental spills in seconds.

If you’ve answered a) to the last question and your kitchen and bathroom seem to be the major ‘war zones’ when it comes to cleaning up your home, then it’s certainly worth investing in a kitchen and bathroom steam cleaner, which you can use to tackle difficult areas and remove stubborn grease stains and grime, as well as keeping cleaned surfaces bacteria-free.

Now that you know what type is the best steam cleaner for you, it’s time to have a think about budget as well. At Direct Vacuums we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of great value steam cleaners available at affordable prices, starting with our refurbished steam cleaners to brand new ones.

Browse our website to discover your favourite model and if you require any assistance with your order, simply contact our friendly team on 01582 66 46 00, available Monday to Fridays between 8:00-17:30.