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  • POWERFUL COFFEE GRINDER: The Andrew James electric coffee bean and spice grinder easily grinds through beans, nuts, spices, seeds and more. Create the best ground coffee at home with this small yet powerful electronic grinder.
  • AWARD WINNING COFFEE BEAN GRINDER: As seen in the Telegraph Best Coffee Grinders, May 2016!
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: The stainless steel blades produce a fine blend of whatever you are grinding and are easy to maintain.
  • LARGE 70G CAPACITY: With a generous 70g basin, you can produce enough ground coffee, seed or spice to suit your needs.



Making your own filter coffee is easy with the Andrew James Electric Coffee Grinder. This simple to use handheld grinder lets you make fine or coarse ground fresh coffee from your favourite beans ready to brew a fresh cup, whether you’re making a cappuccino, espresso, latte, americano, or just a plain old cup of coffee!

Poorly ground beans can lead to an inferior brew so we designed this coffee grinder to have sharp stainless steel blades powered by an efficient 150w motor to effortlessly grind your ingredients.

It’s so easy to use. Just put your beans in the cup, replace the lid then press and hold the button until you’ve reached the ideal coarseness. The longer you grind the finer the grind will be. For a coarse grind we recommend holding the button for up to 8 seconds, ideal for cafetieres, or 12 seconds for a fine grind to use when making an espresso etc. However, it is best to grind in short bursts, using the button like a pulse function, so you have full control over the outcome.



There are many other ingredients you can use your coffee grinder to process:

Nuts: Grind peanuts, cashews, walnuts and almonds for example to use in baking, add to muesli mixes or as ingredients in homemade butters and other recipes.

Spices: You can grind whole spices like cinnamon, peppercorns or mustard seeds to add directly to recipes or to turn into pastes for curries etc.

Seeds: This grinder is great for processing flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and linseed grains.

Oats & Grains: Grind down oats and grains for use in baking or making healthy shakes and smoothies.

Flours: Make your own gluten free flours and nut flours.

Breadcrumbs: Process breadcrumbs for covering chicken or fish cakes etc.

Dimensions: 11.0L x 11.0W x 18.0H cm



Powerful 150W Motor & Stainless Steel Blades



The powerful 150W motor and the strong and durable stainless steel blades are powered by the simple one push button operation.



Grinds a Range of Ingredients



Not just for grinding coffee beans to make that perfect espresso. Our grinder is suitable for all kinds of nuts, seeds, and spices.



Large 70g Capacity & Transparent Lid



Grind enough coffee to make up to 10 cups of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. The transparent lid allows you to see how finely you are grinding the contents.

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