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Carpet Washer Spares - Spares & Accessories

Stock up TODAY, and save yourself £££!

VAX carpet cleaning appliances are renowned for their excellent performance and reliability – get the results you need, every time. Carpet cleaning spares (detergents, shampoos...), for use with VAX carpet cleaning appliances are also easily available to buy right here at the Direct Vacuums website, at MASSIVELY REDUCED PRICES.

Note: We can also supply you with hard floor cleaning products, if that's what you need?


Immaculate floors (not empty promises)

Plenty of floor cleaning appliance manufacturers out there claim to offer "products that offer unbeatable floor cleaning performance", but how many of them can really deliver on that promise? Not many. VAX certainly can. In fact, they have a proven track-record in designing and producing for use in both domestic and commercial premises floor cleaning appliances that produce quite staggering results. Having confidence in their range of carpet cleaning spares, therefore, is not difficult to muster.

The VAX AAA CARPET SHAMPOO / SOLUTION / DETERGENT - 1L / 1000ML can boast an 'improved formula', taking carpet cleaning into a whole new stratosphere. What's more, this product is available to buy from Direct Vacuums TODAY at £5 off the recommended retail price.

VAX carpet washer spares:

- Are specially formulated

- Do not damage carpets (even when used on some pure wool carpets and matting – depending upon which cleaning solution you opt for. Quick tip: always test on a carpet sample first before getting to work on cleaning the entire floor)

- Can tackle even the most stubborn stains, leaving your carpets looking as good as new and smelling delightfully fresh

- Remove unpleasant pet odours quickly and effectively, leaving no trace of cat or dog smells in the carpet fibres

- Get carpets looking cleaner for longer

- Can also be used on upholstery

- Leave no sticky residue


.. And for when a carpet stain simply won't budge...

At your home or business premises, do you have a carpet (or upholstery) stain somewhere that, try as you might, you just can't remove? You've tried everything, but nothing has worked, leaving you resigned to the stain being there forever? If you have, then don't give up the ghost just yet. Why? Because those carpet cleaning geniuses at VAX have come up with a carpet washer solution that simply won't be beaten. It’s called VAX ULTRA+ CARPET SHAMPOO / SOLUTION / DETERGENT - 1.42L / 1420ML and is available to buy right now from us at Direct Vacuums at a price that also won't be beaten!

Instead of spending a whopping £29.99 on VAX ULTRA+ CARPET SHAMPOO at a High Street shop or retail park store, order it from us at today at a much more affordable £19.99, and look forward to safe and effective carpet washing without compromise, at a price that won't damage your bank balance!

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