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Spares & Solutions

Here, at Direct Vacuums we recognize the important role that high quality, reliable vacuum cleaners and other house appliances play in the process of keeping your home squeaky clean. But we also know that having on hand those extra accessories is a must-have that can make your life so much easier, which is why we also offer an entire selection of great value spares and solutions.


Keep your vacuum in good shape to increase its lifespan

You’ve just bought your dream vacuum and you want to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible. One way to ensure that is by regularly changing its filter. Also, you might want to keep an eye on the tools you’re using. In case you’ve lost one of them or it has broken, fear not! We’ve got all the dusting brushes, crevice tools and pet tools you need.

Check out this Replacement HEPA filter for the VAX Air Motion range!

We know that investing into a good upright vacuum is a good idea, but an even better one if to also purchase some spare drive belts. Even though your vacuum is likely to last for a long time, sooner or later you’ll need to replace its belt if you want to extend its lifespan and we’ve got a full range of drive belt packs that fit most of upright vacuums.


Enjoy a sparkling clean floor that smells divine

You love your steam cleaner that does an excellent job at removing even the most stubborn of spots and unpleasant odours and ensuring your floors are clean, but in order to do that for a long time, you’ll sometimes need to change the detergent or water tank. Direct Vacuums is your one-stop shop for everything from the actual steam cleaners to spares including genuine replacement detergent tanks from VAX, offering you everything you need in one go.

We have cleaning solutions for both hard floors and carpets, so it doesn’t matter what surface you need to clean at home – we’ve got the right solution for you!

Get rid of stubborn stains and pet odours with this VAX Floor2Floor Hard Floor Cleaner


Don’t forget about your car!

If you’re more the DIY type, then you should definitely invest into a pressure washer that can help you maintain a clean car and garden/patio/backyard. Have a look at the VAX Deluxe Pressure Washer Car Cleaning Kit & Valet Cleaning Kit that you can purchase for only £39.99, saving £15 off the RRP.

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